Posted on 01 Dec 2018

The process columns 120 metres tall were installed, February 2018.

Posted on 21 Nov 2017

The concrete foundation 42 metres tall for the 120 metres process column is under construction, October 2017.

Hash Mobile and Combit AB partner to supply Oil & Gas industry in East Europe with smart maintenance solutions

Posted on 06 Dec 2016

Hash Mobile is a Swedish innovation company, focused on helping customers increase productivity and cut costs by providing easy-to-use mobile solutions to find and manage deviations. The result is freed-up time, increased flexibility and reduced risks. Hash Mobile helps replace paper or complicated and expensive hardware with easy-to-use professional apps combined with rugged tablets and smartphones fit for a professional environment.

“Together with Combit, who represent some of the world leading industrial companies in the East European market, we see that Hash Mobile can provide great value and bring the latest technology for smart maintenance and industry 4.0 to our customers”.

“By working closely together and provide tailored solutions created for the requirements in Oil & Gas industry in East Europe, we are very happy to partner with Combit” says Peter Helmersson.

To learn more about Hash Mobile, please visit

Expanding into MENA market

Posted on 24 May 2015

The MENA region, through its dominance of world oil reserve ownership, occupies a central position in the global energy balance - quite apart from its substantial gas reserves, although the latter is not yet well developed. Even with the loss of ground to other energy carriers, oil (and the region) will continue to play a core role in the future of world energy. Combit actively develops business relationships with Saudi Basic Industries Corporation, subsidiary of Saudi Aramco, and Carbon Holdings of Egypt. FIrst conferences to be hold in UAE on 1st of June. 

Introducing high tech Pv-wind-hybrid-systems

Posted on 15 May 2015

Introducing Hybrid Off-Grid system HOGS-50.
Our off-grid system is based on solar power generation, vertical axis wind turbines and reserve diesel – generator for emergency case. It includes Sunny Tripower STP 20000, bidirectional (battery charge and load control) Sunny Island SI 8.0H inverters, vertical exis wind turbines , OPzV batterie’s bank connection and system functioning. Introducing wind turbines that can be installed as freestanding on tilting mast or roof structure, working even under lowest wind speeds.

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